Happy Easter Bunny… With Prunes and Mustard!

Once upon a time, the Easter Bunny was hopping along the proverbial Bunny Trail when a hungry French woman called Madame le Farmer’s Wife sprang from the bushes wielding a club slightly smaller than a baseball bat called L’Club de Lapin.  Madame le Farmer’s Wife delivered the Easter Bunny one fatal blow to the head and hurried him off to the farmyard to skin, gut, and wash before taking him into her kitchen to butcher. In the kitchen she cut the poor Easter Bunny into about 12 pieces.  She then dried each piece vary carefully with le paper towel.

Madame le Farmer’s Wife placed about a half of a stick of salted butter into a heavy Dutch oven and cranked her heat up to about medium. When the butter was bubbly but not brown she started browning pieces of the Easter Bunny, in batches, without crowding the pan.  As each piece browned, she would remove it to rest and dry on new le paper towels.

When all of the soft white bunny rabbit with dark rosy meat was browned, Madame le Farmer’s Wife threw about 12 large mushrooms, with slightly trimmed stems, into the same buttery goodness that the Easter Bunny had just enjoyed a minute before. She then put the lid on the pot to draw out the water from the mushrooms and she turned down her heat so as to not burn the butter.

After about four or five minutes, Madame le Farmer’s Wife took the lid off the pot to let the mushroom water cook off. With the mushrooms dry and slightly browned, she scooped them all up with a slotted spoon and put them in a bowl next to the Easter Bunny on the counter top.

Bringing the pot back to heat, Madame le Farmer’s Wife deglazed the pot with a cup of respectable dry white wine, scraping all of the little Easter Bunny bits off the pot’s bottom. When the wine had cooked off, by about half, she added a large tablespoon of Dijon mustard and six or eight dried prunes as well as a shot of medium sherry.

After giving the pot a good stir, she returned the Easter Bunny and the mushrooms to the pot together with about a quarter of a cup of water.  Madame le Farmer’s Wife cooked the Easter Bunny with prunes and mustard, on medium low heat, for another 15 minutes with the lid on. Of course she seasoned the little rodent to taste.  She then took the pot off the stove and, after letting it cool just a bit, she slowly stirred in a cup of heavy cream that had been coming to room temperature when you were not looking.

She of course served the Easter Bunny over noodles.

Egg noodles.

Happy Easter!


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